Man holding large painting






My artistic approach is shown through the exploration of natural influences. Each piece I create captures movement, texture, patterns, light, and emotion. With these expressions, my intent is to evoke conversation and thought. My work visually is defined by natural sourced materials. The techniques used create blended and textured subject matter. A story or experience is tied to each work which offers more understanding of the piece.

My artwork encapsulates the beauty of flora and fauna in nature, a familiar place in this world, and the changing emotions I experience with each passing day. These themes are interchanged through my exploration as an artist. The colors chosen are intentional. Pastels represent sunsets, while harmonious colors are influenced by the terrain that surrounds my experiences in life. I often find myself gravitating towards earth tones. These colors are complimentary or similar in hue and when used in my work connect me back to my past times spent in nature. The grittiness of a rock face or the textural aspect of a tree.

Deep methodical practices are engrained in my work. Whether it be the measuring of paint to acquire the same color or the transfer of paste from one canvas to another to create a series of linked works that share similar relationships. I use sustainable methods that are a deliberate fusion of artistic vision and ecological responsibility.

The spaces and objects that surround us comfort our emotional well-being. Artwork in a room is an intentional placement of one's emotions. As a contemporary artist, I want to create scenes that tie textures and colors that are found in nature. Such pieces help to create an intimate environment that adds to the space’s narrative. Some projects call for placement while others call for a commission. It's important to paint with intent so that a piece adds value to the room. I hope my artistic addition to a space conveys an organic and naturalistic connection, aids in intimate conversation, and lends a sense of calmness to the room.